Painters’ Binder – What Is It? And Why Does It Matter For Painters?

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Painting is a very difficult task which requires a lot of training and practice. There are various kinds of painting media available in the market to choose from. All these paints are made up of different chemical compounds which give each painting a different look. So, the very first thing one has to learn before painting anything is which is the paint to use. But one must know that even the most expensive and high quality paints are susceptible to wear and tear and thus, they require proper protection.

Before using any painting medium, especially oil paints, one must make sure that the surface on which he wants to paint is clean. Oil paint contains harmful solvents and gases which can cause serious damages to eyes and lungs. A clean work surface is extremely necessary for working. It helps to avoid any kind of accidents such as splatter outs and also, it helps to remove dust easily.

Secondly, you need to know which type of paint suits to what kind of painting. If you have to work with oil paints then you need to select an oil-based binder. One must make sure that the quality of the binder is high and it provides a good bond to the pigment. For oil painting, there is no doubt that the pigment holds a special place and is called ‘ink’. But, if the pigment is not held properly then the painting becomes blurred and you have to rub vigorously. Oil-based or acrylic-based painting mixtures should be applied on a smooth and flat support surface.

When working with acrylic or water-based painting media then one must be very careful to apply only on a smooth and flat support surface. These types of media are very slow to dry. The speed of drying depends upon the type of pigments used. Water-based painting mediums should be applied on a rough and flat support surface. The drying time taken depends upon the quality of the pigments and the amount of mixing with water. You can add additional drying time to the acrylic paints if you wish.

Other than these two types of painting media, one can also opt for gel, pencil and paste mediums. In fact, you may find the water-based linseed oil a good substitute for these other pigments because linseed oil is a slow drying medium. It has a unique property of being able to absorb moisture, be it from the air or from your hands, without any damage to the pigment. In fact, it can even be used as a brush for painting.

One may use water-based paints or oil paints and get similar results. A water-based medium has less porosity and hence is less likely to crack when wet. Thus, it is a good option for working with acrylic paints and tempera paint. But, if you want a medium that can embrace light easily and give protection against cracking then you should go for the oil-based medium. On the whole, there is a wide variety of painting media available in the market.